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The dash cam has become a standard production car. We can’t drive safely on the road because of the racketeer or other drivers. Therefore, most of the drivers use dash cam to protect their legal interest.

However, many drivers confused by how to select a good quality dash cam, due to various brands and different quality, even some mistake of selection. Therefore, if you can’t select a good quality dash cam, which is a joke. Today, let us talk about how to select a good dash cam.

1, don’t believe resolution, focus on effective pixel
When buying a best front adn rear dash cam, most of the drivers pay more attention to the pixel and resolution. In fact, high resolution and high pixel don’t mean the clarity of the image. Because the clarity of the image is relative to the area and pixel density of the camera sensor.
The large area and pixel density of sensor, the image is clearer. Due to cost, now we select a dash cam with one third inch CCD, 3.3 million pixel density. If you cropped the image in 1080p, it is 2 million.
Meeting our need doesn’t mean the clearer image. Therefore, if the CCD area is about one-third inch, the quality is ok, otherwise, the quality is bad.

2, don’t believe clarity, look at the frame
Many people thought that the higher resolution and higher pixel has a clearer image. In fact, to ensure the clarity of the image, you also need to see the frame of the image. In other words, the higher frame shoots a larger number of the image each second, and the quality and clarity of the image are higher.
Therefore, if somebody asks which one you select, 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps? According to practical use effect, 720p/60fps is better than 1080p/30fps. Of course, if there is 1080p/60fps, it is better, but the price is higher.

3, don’t believe large wide angle, need to look at the horizontal angle.
Another important parameter of the dash cam is a visual angle. Some businessmen promoted that the visual angle of their products can reach 170 degrees. In fact, this is not possible, because this angle can see both sides of the rear-view mirror.
In addition, there is a case of confusion. Large wide angle said by business refers to the angle of the lens. In fact, we need image angle that is the visual angle after imaging. The most critical angle of the dash cam is the visual angle of the horizontal picture because it makes sense.

4, don’t believe night vision, need to look at WDR
In addition, there is some business who promoted their products with powerful night vision and IR light. In fact, this function isn’t useful. Relying on a few IR light, does it have powerful night vision ability in the darkness.
If requiring night vision, you can buy a dash cam with WDR. WDR refers to the wide dynamic range, similar with HDR of the static image. In the dynamic scene, brightness and darkness of the image can be saw clearly.
You don’t worry about the blind area in and out the tunnel in the daytime, it also can resist the strong light illumination and display the complete dark picture effectively in the night, which is better than the IR light.

5, don’t believe high configuration, look at the software.
Don’t be addicted to the high configuration. Most of the products claimed to be the level of motion camera quality and has the Ambarella A7, A9, and other high-end master control chip.
Certainly, some high-end motion camera has these chip, but the problem is what quality of CCD, what metrical of the camera, what level of the software coding and decode. This is the reason why the best budget dash cam with high configuration is also cheap and bad quality image.

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