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With the improvement of safety awareness, dash cam has become the standard for drivers. How do we select a suitable product that is well-know as black box from various brands on the market. In the face of various product, many people will cost a lot of money to buy a fake product. Today, i will introduce the knowledge of the dash cam to teach you how to distinguish the quality of the dash cam and which brands of the dash cam is best.

Many car owners who buy dash cam for the first time select familiar brands such as Philips, HP and TCL.Many owners of such products must be laypeople. Owners with a bit of professional content will generally be in such as Lingdu, Dazhi, Jedu, Korea Hyundai, and so on, such as the industry has a greater reputation, after-sales service brand selection, and this kind of users more value the product itself effect and performance. Which brand is good for "dash cam"? "the question, we also through the market visit, in many brands for the owners of comprehensive evaluation, several high-quality, and stable dash cam brand.

1, Jiedu dash cam
It is most popular brands of the dash cam on Tianmao, the featured product of Jiedu is D600 rear view dash cam. Master Wang said that the smart type of D600 is good to use, because it is high cost-effective and be worth to buy. Recently, Jiedu launched Jiedu D600S.

2, papagp dash cam
Papago dash cam, from Taiwan but producing on the mainland, is a well know brand. Of course, the price of the papago dash cam is pretty high, it includes p0, p1w, p1x, p2, p2x.

3, Korea Modern dash cam
Korea modern dash cam is a brand with many years of production experience, brand awareness, and more product forms, with a higher user evaluation, regardless of intelligent high-end products. Or the traditional high-definition recorder, stable performance is its best place. Its traditional high-definition night vision dash cam E660 is the benchmark product of the industry.

4, Lindu dash cam
Lindu is a brand of Shenzhen Duomeijie, the characteristics of Lindu dash cam is large wide angle, good night vision. Lindu DM900 DASH CAM can reach 170 degree wide angle, moreover, the quality of DM900 is reliable and its price is not high.

E xing belongs to low-end product, so with low price. Many users reflected that E-xing product easily appear some problem after using for some time because the unconsolidated and immaturity technology. Recommended product is MX3

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