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Question: adding several LED light have good effect
Answer: the light of LED directly reflect to the lens through front windshield, which will result the dash cam blind.
If someone told you they use infrared light instead of visible light, it is even less credible. Now the dash cam always switch device, and the IR light will be intercepted by the infrared filter in the lens (IR-CUT).

Question: XX program is the best
Answer: we found that the surface temperature rise of some high-end chips is relatively high(the chip temperature rises when the chip is not turned on). the dash cam will work in summer, overheating temperature will affect seriously performance of image sensors and lenses, resulting the unclear image.
1080p is enough, don’t listen that some higher chip model is better. Sometimes unnecessary function will bring many problems. For example, XX 810 phone chip have serious heat.
Simple judgment: let the best front and rear dash cam recording for more than 15 minutes, and then cover it with your hands to see whether the machine surface becomes hot.

Question: the built-in battery is easily remove.
No matter how powerful your battery is, through exposure in summer and daily jolt, it is basically scrapped a year later, and increases the risk of explosion or bloating. The dash cam is used for a racketeer. Is it more convenient than taking a mobile phone?
The dual camera dash cam with Li-ion battery, sucker installation, LED light, can be directly judged as a copy of the goods.

Q: i can use wireless WIFI to share
A: installing APP is a novelty, it will be forgot after time. In the even of the accident, police can’t look how to use APP, they also directly watch on the dash cam or remove the memory card.

the brand was ranked among the top of the sales list o X, and it was definitely right to buy it.
A: you know the truth.
The ranking is more convincing than that of X (make sure it is its own product).
choose what you like. There's no need to go with the flow.

dual lens, polarizer, GPS, electronic dog.
A: domestic accident punishment is generally attributed to the rear car responsibility, car front installed a recorder is enough, unless you think the car cloth like spider webs can also be accepted.
Polarizing lens reduced by half the amount of light, anti-glare become better, but night vision effect is a big discount, the gain is not worth the loss.
The picture is the truth, and the resolution of some minor disputes is enough for GPS to be a little redundant. (if it is a big problem, there will naturally be the intervention of authoritative departments and more means to solve it.).
Safe driving, self-interest. Mobile navigation can also remind most of the location of the electronic eye, electronic dogs do not mind.

Q: the selection standard is whether the licence plate can be seen clearly.
A: it seems very reasonable that you gain what you see. In fact, it is impossible to make an object assessment. Licence plate can be seen clearly is affected by the following factors: relative speed, relative distance, road smoothness, illumination conditions, shooting angle and so on.
The test scene and test charts used by the dash cam to focus will take these factors into account, such as taking clear licence plate.
Regular manufactures of the dash cam can shoot clear the relatively static objects within 3 meters and enough to prevent racketeers.( for relatively moving licence plate, because it continue recording, so it must record some things) and things too far away, there is no need to care.
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