10 months ago

The dash cam installed depressurization cable to 24-hour monitoring will has big consumption for the battery. Take 12V50AH battery as an example:

1,The general power supply voltage is 5V0.8A to 1A, so the consumption of battery current is 0.5A. 120% of them are based on the 80% of assumption, and 24 hour consumption capacity of battery is 12AH, according for one fourth of the battery capacity.

2, When the battery power is less than half, that is when the voltage is lower than 13.4V, the battery fault lamp is light and the car is difficult to start. Therefore, the full battery and the use of the dual dash cam with parking mode for 48 hour is the limit.

3, In practical using, the battery leakage, dormant current, alarm and other will consume electricity, the more importance is that the battery will not always be full and the actual use time of the dash cam will be shortened a lot.
4, The battery voltage is 10% lower than the rated voltage, that is below 10.8V. the battery has the risk of losing electricity and the battery life is shortened by 80%.

5,The battery voltage is too low, which will cause data loss and need to initialize, commonly known as decoding or code.
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