10 months ago

In order to avoid racketeers of the traffic accident, the dash cam has become a necessary machine for drivers. There are various types dash cam on the market and the price has big difference. Not only can it easily confuse the consumers, but also the circuit requirements of some dash cam may also have an impact on car quality assurance and insurance.

Reporter in the visit investigation learned, the dash cam brand and product types are various. It is difficult for consumers to judge which brand is best. Below, according to professional evaluation and real consumer use, i summed up the best several dash cam brands.

Azdome was founded in 2010, the brainchild of a group of friends working at Blackview Dash Cam. Fast forward a few years and we are now the industry leader in dash cam power.

AZDOME’s main product is hd dash cam, which has clear image, simple installation and small design so it gets more consumers favor

2、Ddpai dash cam
Ddpai is first domestic mobile phone wireless interconnection of the smart dash cam brand, remote photography and social sharing and other experiences to gain many consumers. The image taken by ddpai dash cam is also clear and the image in detail is relatively good.
Ddpai’s main product is mini dash cam without screen and also can use the mobile phone to watch the video. Using WIFI technology, combine smart mobile phone with dash cam. Ddpai best front and rear dash cam is not more expensive, which is within consumers’ budget.

3、Papago dash cam
Papado dash cam, from Taiwan, has a high market share in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Domestic products are produced by Shenzhen factory and is well-know. But its price is relatively high, and there are many types of products, the speed of innovation is very fast.

So many different brands of dash cam are available on the market that choosing a well-know and good brand is very important, because they have some assurance in terms of quality and reputation. These brand are also appreciated by consumers using after, which are worth to trust. The several brands recommended above can be used as a reference for “ what brand is good for dash cam”.

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