10 months ago

Most of the friends don't watch carefully the maintenance instruction after buying a best front and rear dash cam. Actually, the dash cam as same as all digital electric product, need to maintain, otherwise, it easily shortens the life or occurs danger. Today, I will share with you about the maintenance of the dash cam.

1, at present, there is a working temperature range of the dash cam, which is general in -10°to 60°. modern dash cam uses advanced polymer lithium battery, so the working temperature is improved. But the old dash cam used lithium battery easily exposed to high temperature. But the dash cam doesn't work under high temperature for a long time, especial in summer. The car under the sun for 8 hours is about 80°, the dash cam on the car easily exposed in this situation. So it is recommended that don't use the dash cam for a long time in high temperature.

2, it is not recommended that leave your dash cam on your car when you park your car in the monitoring area or the two sides of the road. Because some thieves will break your windshield to blackmail the several yuan dash cam.

3, many drivers know the wiring of connecting to the cigarette lighter. But if you want to connect to ACC and it is unfamiliar to the circuit of the car, it is recommended to ask a professional master for help.

4, the working time of the dash cam is not too long. Most of the drivers reflected that the dash cam is heated after using for a long time, even occur blurred screen or crash. We recommended that the working time of the dash cam is not more than 4 hours. If you are on a long trip, when you park to rest, at the same time, rest your dash cam.

5, when install a dash cam, you must ensure to fix to avoid the dash cam falling down. At present, the rear-view installation is better than a sucker, and the sucker is better than 3M Mount.

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