11 months ago

The performance evaluation standards of dash cam front and rear can be referred to in the following aspects:

1, a traffic accident always happen in a few seconds, so the most important of the dash cam is no leaking seconds.

2, it must have a good clarity and night vision effect. Original definition(640*480) dash cam basically reflects the process of the accident, but the best choice of the hd dash cam need high definition image(1280*720p, which can see clearly the license plate number or people’s appearance.

3, it has a certain wide angle. best budget dash cams on the market nominally have 140°, but most of them don’t reach in practical photography, only between 100-105°. but the lager wide angle is not good. The smaller wide angle will have a bigger shade on the similar scene, so it is easy to see the information in detail. Therefore, the wide angle of the dash cam is about 100°, which can meet our daily needs. If in the large wide angle it also shoots clearly the image without deformation. So the larger wide angle is better, the larger wide angle has a bigger recording angle.

4, it is required to have G-sensor. In other words, it has automatically locked function, can ensure the accident video not to be covered and be deleted.

It has the authority authentication of the relevant industry of the country.

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