11 months ago

Most of the people consulted me how to choose the best night vision dash cam, which kind of dash cam is good, which brand of the dash cam is good. Here I recommended that don’t believe the promotion from a businessman. The most important of the dash cam is the clarity of image, that is a pixel. If the dash cam is a low pixel, the image taken can be used as evidence. Next, i introduce the knowledge of the pixel, hope to help you.

Pixel is a unit to calculate the digital effect. If the image is magnified, you can find that the image is made up of the small square. This small square is a pixel, the higher pixel is richer color.

Interpolation is an imaging method in which a dual camera dash cam can increase effective pixels (actual pixels) in calculating pixels.The method is to calculate the actual pixels of the photosensitive devices in the dash cam, according to the pixels of the actual sensory images, through the built-in software of the dash cam. A new pixel point is generated and inserted into a gap near the original pixel to achieve the purpose of increasing the total number of pixels and increasing the pixel density. In fact, not only digital camera will use interpolation, the basic principle of digital zoom is also using interpolation algorithm, it is a real-time image of the electronic circuit space transformation effect.

We learned that the pixel of the dash cam can be greatly improved through interpolation. For example, the 1.3 million dash cam can reach 2 million through interpolation. 2.1million can reach 4 million by interpolation. How many kinds of interpolation methods and types are used to calculate the specific lifting of the visual dash cam?

The interpolated pixel is not an effective pixel of the dash cam itself. Its value is only the pixel value that is raised after the image is processed by software optimization.Therefore, the effect of actual camera is often not able to achieve the advertised effect of interpolation pixels, especially in print, often cannot meet its interpolated pixel worth the quality.

And in the current market, most of the merchant in the sale of the best budget dash cam, only promote the interpolation pixel of the dash cam. It seems that they introduce the difference between both pixel, but they are misleading to the average consumers, make consumers think that only paid for a dash cam with 1.3 million pixels, but bought a 2 million pixel product. Therefore, it is recommended that focus on this situation during using.

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