11 months ago

Besides simply and convenient wiring method of rear view dash cam, there are two professional wiring method. This article is about these, you can try.

Method #1: the dash cam gets power from fuse box
This wiring will achieve 24 hours recording, which can meet driver’s need of guarding against theft and defending breakage. In the wiring, we need to buy a cable with low voltage protection. When battery is in low voltage, it will be cut up automatically to avoid using up the battery. This wiring method required the installer should have a certain amount of electronic knowledge. So it is recommended that look for a professional serviceman to operate, as far as possible don’t install by yourself.

Method #2: take electricity from reading lamp or skylight when installing the dash cam
It is more professional than fist method. Because it requires removing the roof plane of the car, and need to a broken cable. If without more professional knowledge, serviceman can’t complete. Some Technical control
will take electricity from the skylight.

Both two wiring method requires some more professional electronic knowledge, so original drivers can’t do it.

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