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The most important reason for the the 1080p full hd dash cam without memory card in producing is to get evidence, and then download on the computer or mobile device to see. It is not practical that some people want the dash cam has memory card as same as mobile phone and directly read on the machine. It is very troublesome that remove the memory card to see the video each times, so the memory card usually use SD interface.
What storage of the dash cam is suitable? If in 1080p, the dash cam only record several hours. So for long-trip, what storage of the dash cam can meet our needs?
At present, according to performance, the SD used in the dash cam is divided into several grades. Different grades meets different needs.
Class 0: it is known as co card, including class 2 and speed class.
Class 2: it is well-known as c2 card, which can meet user’s needs of watching usual MPEG4 and digital recording.
Class 4: it is special for dash cam.
Class 6: it applies to digital single lens reflex:
Class 10: it applies to some people who pursuit perfect and need more smooth.
The common cards we use in our daily lives are c4, c6,c10, which represent random write speeds of 4MB/s, 6MB/s, 10MB/s.

At present, the dual camera dash cam on the market support 32G to a large extent. 32G can record about 8 hours, 16G record about 4 hours to large extent, 8G record 2 hours to a large extent. In my opinion, the larger storage is useless. Why? Next, i explain my experience.
Fist, we all use the video taken by the dash cam mount rear view mirror as evidence. But the accident happened only several seconds or several minutes, in other words, the useful storage is a few.
Second, if the memory card is smaller, some people worried the previous video will be covered in a long trip. When you came back home, the video will only be left a half. It is worry to much. If you want to save video, you can lock it to prevent to be covered.
Third, if you think 8G is smaller, you can choose a 16G, but it is unnecessary to buy a big one.
Some dash cam use SD card, some use TF card, when selecting a dash cam, you must pay attention to which memory card the dash cam needs.

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