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In previous articles, we showed a lot of drivers about what the video format of the dash cam is and what different between different video format. So do you know each video format divide into different video compression format? Today i will share with you some knowledge about video compression format of the dash cam, hope it can help you.

We have talked about the video format of the dash cam is divided into MOV and AVI. In video format, it was divided into compression format, such as MPEG2, MPEG-4, H.264and so on. MPEG2 is a video coding and compression format developed for digital TV in 1994. It has a resolution of 740m *480, which is the VGA video resolution we mentioned earlier.MPEG4 is developed on the basis of MPEG2, which preserves the advantages and advantages of MPEG2 and makes the video compression ratio more efficient, which can save a lot of storage space for users.H.264 not only retains the advantages and the essence of the previous compression technology, but also has many advantages that other compression technologies cannot compare.

1, low bit rate: comparing the MREG2 and MPEG4, the compressed data of H.264 in the same quality image is only 8 / 1 of MPEG2 and only 3/1 of MPEG4. It saves more storage space for users.
2, H.264 can output high-quality image continuously and steadily.
3, Strong fault tolerance: H. 264 provides the necessary tools to solve the problems such as packet loss, which is easy to occur in an unstable network environment.

  1. Network adaptability: H. 264 provides Network Abstraction layer to enables H.264 files to be easily transmitted over different networks (e.g. Internet CDMA, GPRS, WCDMA, CDMA2000, etc.). Jiedu dash cam and papago dash cam supports H.264 compression format on current market

In short, the most outstanding performance of H.264 is that its compression efficiency is very high, we are choosinghd dash cam if support H.264 video compression format. It can save you less storage space on the dash cam, so you can store more video data under the same conditions.
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