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I believe that friends who have used the dash cam know the manufacturers will not be equipped with a memory card, so we should buy by ourselves. And the image taken by the dash cam is stored on the memory card. If the memory card is not compatible with the machine itself, it will cause the dash cam to be unable to write or to read the data after writing. More serious words are likely to lead to a crash, so it is important to choose a memory card that matches the dash cam.

At present, the dash cam use SD or SDHC card, if you want to know what kind of memory card should be equipped with, you should first understand the difference between the two memory cards.

SD card full name is “Secure Digital”, a standard for flash memory cards that are widely used in devices such as digital cameras, PDA, multimedia players, etc. It follows the SD 1.0/1.1 specification because the SD card specified in the SD 1.1 uses FAT12 and FAT16 file systems. SD card that conforms to the SD1.1 specification can only reach a maximum capacity of 2G.

SDHC is the abbreviation of "Secure Digital High Capacity". It's actually an upgraded version of the SD card. It follows the SD 2.0 specification and uses the FAT32 file system, which enables the SDHC card to reach a maximum capacity of 32G.

TF card, called T-Flash or MicroSD, is a memory card. It was renamed TransFlash; it was renamed MicroSD because it was adopted by the SD Society. Other memory cards collected by SDA include miniSD and SD cards. TF cards are mainly used in mobile phones, but because they have the advantage of very small size, with the increasing capacity.It slowly began to be used in GPS devices, dash cam, portable music players, and some flash disks.

The biggest difference between TF, SD, and SDHC is that there are write protection switch on the SD and SDHC, but the TF card doesn’t. the TF card can be transferred to SD or SDHC through the card cover. It is suggested that we should not only care about the price and pixel and other factors, you must consult the salesman of this product support which memory card and to understand the parameters of the dash cam detailed description which type of memory card it supports to avoid unnecessary trouble.
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