11 months ago

Many people realize the importance of the dash cam and prepare to install a dash cam, but they also have a lot of question about the dash cam. I can’t explain to you all at once. So only a day to explain a knowledge. Today, I will share with you whether the buried wiring of the dash cam affects the car battery.

It is well known that the dash cam built-in battery, but only can use half hours so that it must be powered by car battery. As result, many friends will worry that the use of the dash cam will affect the life of the battery.

Fist, I want to tell you that the 4k dash cam power consumption is very small, the power of the dash cam is within 10W, the damage to the battery is also minimal

Some people would like to let the dash cam work 24 hours, which has a little influence on the battery. So how does it reduce the damage to the battery? So we should choose some real brand of the dash cam. the poor quality of the dash cam not only consumes more electricity, the voltage may not be very stable, the damage to the battery is also relatively large.

And many friends have some doubt whether the hidden dash cam should be installed from the cigarette lighter or go on buried wiring.

Actually, both have no influence. It is convenient to contact cigarette lighter, it only directly insets the cigarette lighter to use, but the disadvantage is not beautiful. If you want to go on buried wiring, although it looks beautiful, the dash cam is in the power supply for a long time, and the installation is troublesome. If you want to go buried wiring, it is recommended to find a professional master to install.

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