11 months ago

The lens is the eye of the dash cam, the quality of the lens determine the quality, color, definition night vision effect of the image, so what kind of lens does the dash cam use?

The dash cam lens is usually made of two materials, one is glass, anther is resin.

Among them, glass lens has good transmittance, high sensitivity to capture images in dark light, and can obtain better shooting effect at night. Therefore, the glass lens is the best choice for highly sensitive night vision dash cam.

The glass lens is well-adapted and is not easily deformed at high and low temperature, but the resin lens is cheap, the short-term transmittance doesn’t see the difference, but the high-temperature exposure may deform discolored. The resistance temperature difference is poor.

In particular, the dual dash cam should be attached directly to the surface of the car, it will face the summer high temperature of more than 70°scorched and winter below -35°, therefore, you best choose the well-adapted full glass lens, and it is not easy to deform at high and low temperature

In addition, in order to improve the angle and night vision and so on, the lens should use the multi-layer lens. Generally speaking, the more the number of lens layer, the better the performance of the lens, but the multi-layer lens also increase its thickness and reduce the overall transmittance.

But if the glass lens is used, the thickness can be thinner, so the more layers the lens is better optical performance.

Nowadays, many cheap fake dash cam promoted that it used the glass lens, actually, it uses the more cheap resin lens, but the consumer doesn’t distinguish.

Therefore, when buying the best dash cam, you can directly distinguish the material and quality of the lens, so it is recommended to choose AZDOME and another big brand with reputation, quality, and guarantee.

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