11 months ago

Intelligent rear-view dash cam is widely used by more people, especially the rapid development of the internet, which has arisen a lot of intelligent product, and the single-function car automobile navigation product have been upgraded multi-function product, such as e-dogs, GPS and so on. This popular product is the intelligent rear-view dash cam.

Intelligent rear-view dash cam not only has more accurate navigation function, timing repair, man-machine voice, music playing and so on. However, recently more user reported that the dash cam can not perfectly fit the intelligent rear-view dash cam, and also appear shaking.

Here are some ways to solve shaking. Let’s take a look:
1、Check for intelligent rear-view dash cam instability
If the rear-view appears instability, after installing a rear-view dash cam, the weigh becomes larger, so it is easy to appear resonance problem, which leads to the user mistaken that the rear-view dash cam appears shaking.

Only a small test, you can detect whether the resonance between the dual dash cam and the rear-view dash cam cause shaking by the instability of the rear-view dash cam.

Using a tie with a string a few centimeters, tie it to the rear-view dash cam. And then press the string down with your fingers, the tie will noise. So you touch the glass and the ceiling with your hand if you feel the shaking. It shows that the rear-view dash mirror will be shaking, you can be fixed the rear-view dash cam.

2、An improved method for preventing shaking of the intelligent rear-view dash cam
Fist, remove the original intelligent hidden dash cam from the front windshield, then force the pedestal and legs apart with your hands. Then put a small hardness piece of paper in the ball shaft to increase friction so that the rear-view dash cam can support more weight and install the rear-view dash cam to avoid shaking.

3、Check for complete fit
In solving the shaking, first check whether the dash cam is completely fit the rear-view dash cam, if not fixed, there will be shaking in the driving, so it is important to check the fitting part.ensure that the two complete fit, you can solve this problem.

4、The solution for the female
If you are not too familiar car repair or a female, some friends say that using 502 glue to stick is not good, because it is not convenient to replace. So you can add a layer of foam or cut a piece of abandoned mouse pad and add between rear-view and dash cam to play an effective role in buffering to prevent shaking.

I hope through above four methods that drivers can solve the problem according to the above solution when you encountered the rear-view dash cam shaking.

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