12 months ago

At present, there are four kind of dash cam in the market:single lens, dual lens, three lens and four lens. Because of the limitation of technology and some other factors, the single lens and double lens are more common. Is the dash cam better for a double lens or single lens?

Single lens dash cam is the most common and primitive, one camera has one lens. We all know that the hidden dash cam is responsible for taking pictures to retain evidence, so the wider the shooting will be better and it is not easy to miss some images. Although each has a wide angle, but the maximum wide angle in normally can reach about 150°, the image shot beyond this angle will appear serious deformation.

In order to solve this problem of wide angle distortion of single lens dash cam, some dash cam brands have publicity dual channel dash cam, the wide angle of the single lens is relatively low, but the cost also falls a lot. But the two lens add up, its monitoring range is much larger than the single lens of the dash cam, and the video shot will not show any distortion.

It seems that the answer is already obvious, the dual lens dash cam has more advantage, that is not the case. The single lens dash cam technology has been every mature, the compatibility of various function are better. The dual lens dash cam is simply added a lens, the function is still to be improved and optimized. If you do not consider the scope of monitoring, pay attention to function and performance, the single lens recorder should be more suitable.

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