12 months ago

The record time of the dash cam have directly relationship with the TF card capital, image quality, saving format. 1080p HD image occupy about 200MB every minute. 32G equal to 32768MB,32768MB divided by 200MB equal to 163 minutes, it can record less than three hours.

Of course, each machine have different parameters, especially the storage format have more different. Generally, the dash cam will provide three or four quality image, such as 1080p HD quality, 720p standard clear quality, and 360p low-end image. The 4k dash cam works irregular hours, 32G memory card usually can record 3hours at least.

At present, there are many hidden dash cam with circulate video function on the market, doesn’t need to set, is basically automatic coverage your oldest video when the memory is full. However, the dash cam with collision detection will retain the locked video.
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