12 months ago

The driver who know dash cam know that nigh vision is one of the important factors in buying dash cam. Although driving at night account for 1|4 of the day driving, but the situation of the road at night is more complex, and it is the environment with high increasing accident, if the image shot is too bright or too dark, which it is difficult to see clearly. Therefore, the HD dash cam night vision is more popular for consumers.

The quality of the chip not only affect the definition of the image shot in the daytime, but also affect the efficiency of the night vision. In the evening, because the light effect is not very good, so it is easy to produce a lot of noise. if you have a powerful chip, which can significantly improve the image processing capacity of the dash cam at night to reduce noise and improve the quality of the picture.

You would like a good night vision, must consider all aspects of the configuration so that you can buy the best dash cam. HD night vision dash cam focuses on the expression and display of image effects, equipped with IR technology, powerful chip, image processing technology and F1.8 large aperture. Whether in the day or at night, there is good picture quality performance, which can be tested by the market.

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