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when summer come, the driver worry about the safety of the 4k dash cam. In order to eliminate the fear of lithium batteries, some dash cam use super capacitor ,is it good?

The analysis of super capacitor*text*
With the development of the lithium batteries, it is impossible to explox under the high temperature, at most is the case of expansion deformation, but there are a lot of friend worry about this.

Next , let’s talk about the super capacitor. Why do it can bring a sence of safety. The most important point is to be more resistant to high temperature, it can supply normally in about 80°of environment, but also can withstand the low temperature of minus 40°so that you don’t worry the safety in using.

At the same time, the charging speed of super capacitor is also very fast, which can save half the time and long service life than lithium battery with the same capacity. It can be recharged and discharged hundreds of thousands of times, compared with ordinary lithium battery. The discharge ability of super capacitor is strong so the use of super capacitor car recorder has been a lot of friends like and trust.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the regular brand of lithium batteries with explosion-proof features, security is also very high, of course, the highest security in the power supply is still super capacitor,but there are fewer of them at the moment.
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