12 months ago

The memory card is the brain of 4k dash cam ,what card do we use? Generally , merchant while you purchase or the use of instructions describe which memory card suitable to the dash cam.

At present, according to the performance of SD card is divided into several grades to meet different needs. As long as the capacity of the card does not exceed the capacity of the equipment, you can choose according to your actual situation.

In normal , the dash cam 720P generate about 100 MB of video files per minute. Of course, the larger the card can store more. Some dash cam have the function of circular video recording,with a 16G card, you will not worry.

The common cards we use in our daily lives are C4, C6, C10, which represent 4MB / s, 6MB / s, 10MB / s of random write speeds. On the market, there are Kingston, Samsung and other well-known brands of memory cards. (class 4 generally use in a dash cam; Class 6 generally suitable for SLR camera ; Class 10: generally applies to the people who is perfect pursuit of card speed)

From the above table, we recommend that only use 16G or 32G. the memory card should not be too small, because the dash cam general is equipped with a high-speed card and the video playback will be more fluently, some dash cam has a leak or crash, which relate to the memory card.

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