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The cheapest non parking dashboard camera A118-C costs 45 dollars. The cheapest parking set (Thinkware F50 + hard wired cable) we recommend is priced at $120, and the video quality is low.

Better setup costs over $300. Designing and manufacturing heat resistant, energy efficient and reliable cameras costs more money. You'll also need to install dash cam, and many people should be done by professionals.

If you are sure you need to park recording, because you have not yet had any accidents, please regard it as comprehensive insurance. Drivers can deduct money from an event that covers parking system costs. You can also sue for damages. If someone destroys your vehicle, you can provide evidence to the police.

How long can the parking mode dash cam record it?
There's no easy answer. There are many factors that affect the recording time, including battery capacity, voltage drop, temperature, and camera energy efficiency. Using 12.2V's safe voltage cut (more later), I got 7 hours of recording time with Vicovation OPIA2 on 2012 Honda fit (battery upgrade to group 51R).

Auto stop mode - necessary
Parking mode represents some special functions, which can save memory card space and capture events reliably. To be effective, the hd dash cam must automatically enable / disable parking recording by checking whether to use G-Sensor to stop moving.

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