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The traffic recorder is different from the general camera, need to record the image in front of the vehicle, when the vehicle is passing by, a lot of traffic recorder will not be able to shoot! , there are 70°, 90°, 120°, 140°, 150 degrees of wide-angle traffic recorder.

The CarLog is different from other imaging products , because it requires a wide angle technique. Can the merchant's point of view be credible again? And pixels are still not believable. There are many brands of traffic recorder at present. The majority of its small companies are small brands, the sense of responsibility is not big, industry competition has prompted them to exaggerate propaganda, the true propaganda will not be recognized by customers. So the wide-angle traffic recorder is often exaggerated.
With the development of the dash cam industry, all kinds of dashcams are more and more, So you don't know which the best dash cam, this article will teach you how to buy dash cam.

The recorder is a kind of camera product, So its lens is a very important part.The quality of the lens directly affects the quality of the dash cam.How to judge the quality of the camera of the dash cam?keep reading below:

1, the maximum aperture
The true value of the maximum aperture is reflected in the camera to increase the amount of light in the case of weak light, so as to achieve the best exposure combination, you can only see the diameter of the camera to determine the naked eye.

2, lens transmittance
This must use a little feeling to see, The good lens was bright and transparent, and the poor lens didn't look so smooth.

Tell everyone that the difference is already an open secret, a 30W pixel can be measured to 1200W pixels, in the eyes of the merchant has become a big selling point, the expansion of the promotional pixel is the quality of the "basic unit" in fact, the pixel is just a unit used to calculate digital images, like photographic photographs, The digital image also has the continuous shade halftoning, if we magnify the image several times, we will find that these continuous tones are actually made up of many small square dots of similar color, these small square dots are the smallest unit "pixel" (Pixel) that make up the image.

This smallest unit of graphics can be displayed on the screen usually as a single stain point. The higher the pixel, its own color board also richer, the more can express the color of the true feeling. This is the equivalent of a high-resolution TV screen, but the inside of the picture is not clear, but not depending on the clarity of the display. Usually the great brands Can't forge the value pixels,so believe the big brand.

The scheme is also one of the important factors determining the quality of a traffic recorder, and now the common program of the CarLog is, Android, Lian Yong, SQ, full-time! The scheme is like a computer operating system, a good operating system not only allows the hardware to play to the extreme but also can support better hardware. At present, the best solution is the chip +sony lens configuration, high-end travel recorder brand mainly using the Android scheme. The main feature of Android is that it supports 5 million megapixel lenses 1920* 1080p HD dash cam, high compression decoding, maximum 60 frames per second, no leakage seconds, stability and other characteristics. The second is Lian Yong, high cost-effective, the same support 1080p, stability decoding is not as good as the bully!

Often the business will be the number of frames per second and the high-speed motion of the car combined, that the higher the number of frames to clear the high-speed motion of the car, in fact, is not so. Anyone who uses a camera knows that a moving object needs to be set faster, and a larger aperture is needed.

Video equipment is the use of electronic shutter, so the formation of a video is also required by the camera countless times the high-speed shooting, need to shoot high-speed moving objects, not only need a large aperture, but also the need for the shutter speed, but also the quality of the product itself. Human eye recognition of a smooth picture of 25 frames per second is more than 25 frames people will think that this is a smooth screen, computer screen refresh frequency is 30, 50, 60 frames, general imaging equipment to 30 frames have been very good! The frame number is the number of pictures per second, and it has nothing to do with the ability to get a clear picture of high-speed motion.
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