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Dash cam is a device used for recording the videos and sound during the driving process, after installing the dash cam, you can record the entire process of video image and sound in the driving process, and provide evidence for the traffic accidents.

People who like self-driving tour can also use it to record the process conquering the difficulties and dangers, the dash cam can record while driving, meanwhile, the time, speed and location can all be recorded, acting as a black box.

The dash cam can also be used as a DV to capture the joy of life, or as a home monitoring device, normally, it can be used for parking monitor, and please note that the video data can’t be cut, if it is cut, the video can’t provide help after the accident happens.

Nowadays, the function of the dash cam is increasingly powerful, such as Azdome dual lens dash cam night vision GS65H, after installing the dash cam, you can clearly shoot the surrounding situation even at night.

Traffic accident is inevitable during driving process, and it is also cery likely to meet people who find fault deliberately, the only thing you can do is to prove your innocence by the corresponding video, and at this time, dash cam plays an important role, many car owners all express that installing the dash cam in the car is equivalent to buying an insurance, sometimes it can be useful.
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