Most people care about these when buy dash cam

It was popular at the end of last century that the people must have two skill in the future, a car, and a computer.As expected, the automobile and computer industry in modern is in a great development, it is very common that most people have cars and use the computer, at the same time, our life is change with the artificial intelligence, cloud sharing, and 5G network appearing.

In automobile industry, the dash cam is widely used as a backpack hardware in recent years. Not only does it present high-definition road conditions, real-time recording of driving video,but also it can rapidly restore of the accident site so that more and more people like it and install it .
What kind of dash cam are more simple to win the approval of consumers ?
First, the professional performance of the product. the main function of dash cam is video. Because the dash cam can record the images and sounds through a high-definition lens, it can produce evidence in the event of an accident. It is also known as the "black box" of a car.
In order to high-definition shooting, real-time video, the manufacturer pay more attention to the lens and chip. the AZDOME dash cam at the top of the list as an example, it is equipped the most advanced Ambarella chip. The range of products has a shooting resolution of 1080P and the license plate number of the vehicle in front is not a problem. And the AZDOME interior mirror uses a HD spherical lens with a high-end photosensitive chip.
In order to attract the consumer ,the product not only has professional standards,but also have their own characteristics. For example, many of dash cam serving as black boxes, also have parking monitoring, video sharing, gravity sensing and other functions. It will automatically turn on when the dash cam monitor the different. Because it is benefit from the gravity sensor, it can automatically open the video recording to monitor any abnormal condition that damages the car for the owner.

Beside, under the background of the intelligence, the intelligent dash cam, which was launched by AZDOME, a well-known brand of dash cam, also has the WIFI connection mobile phone function that traditional manufacturers do not have. Through the device built-in WIFI module, you can achieve the connection with the dash cam, we can see the image on the mobile phone .therefor ,more and more consumer prefer the AZDOM dash cam.
In conclusion,when we choose the dash cam ,we should reference the key function , parking monitoring, GPS, mobile phone connection and other functional services. At present, AZDOM dash cam ,a leading brand , is with a equal price and cost-effective , both quality or after sale is good .